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Some experiences follow a man across deserts, oceans, even the length of America.

Expedition Recovery records my journey from Dead Horse, Alaska toward Ushuaia, Argentina. I’m still on the road as this page takes shape, more importantly my journey of self-discovery continues as I take this first real opportunity for introspection and healing since my return from the Iraq war in December 2006, the suicide of my father in late 2007, and the loss of my anticipated career as a police officer after six years on the job due to my untreated PTSD.

This trip also involves the community that kept me from killing myself, roller derby,

I launched this expedition with the help and support of University of Alaska Fairbanks department of Communications and Journalism. They encouraged me to work through recent personal issues researching and road-testing mobile journalism concepts.

Additionally I am working to raise money and awareness for a deserving charity that gives back to veterans in need. The Soldiers project. (www.Thesoldiersproject.org) They provide free of charge counseling to post 9/11 service members, veterans, and their families outside the military hierarchy, anonymously, free of charge, and with no limit on care. Currently there are only seven chapters spread across the US, and none in Alaska.

I hope to help raise awareness and grow that to 30 chapters in the next two years.

This trip is about more than just my recovery, but that the heart of why I am going. I hope you will follow along and contribute what you can to help veterans in need through groups like The Soldiers Project.

Zack Sherman


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