April, the pregnant giraffe, now here’s a video worth streaming

April, the pregnant giraffe, now here’s a video worth streaming
February 23, 2017 Bridget Jensen

I personally do not watch to much video news myself. That being said there are the occasional news videos that I come across and become engaged in. What I am saying is I don’t normally search for news videos.

What makes a news video effective? I would have to say that an effective news video is basic and straight to the point. When I do watch new videos they are normally straight to the point regarding the subject on hand. There is not wondering what exactly is being reported or waiting for the interesting facts to be spilled 10 minutes later.

The reason I do not search for news videos is because I am normally doing many other things including being outside. I have never been one to watch the news everyday or get my daily fill off my mobile devices.

I sometimes find the news to be all about the bad things happening in the world instead of the many great things, which in turn makes me less interested.

However, I do enjoy the live video streaming that has recently spread world wide. Take April the pregnant Giraffe, live streaming as we speak.

 I find the live streaming to be much more interesting because as it indicates, it’s happening in the now, it’s not recorded. This aspect captures my attention to its fullest.

I tend to watch more videos via social media because they are already displayed. What I mean by this is the fact that I do not have to hunt them down if I truly don’t want to. Take Facebook for example most of my news feed consists of food recipe videos, funny and cute animal videos and of course the live streaming.

I think that snapchat provides short, quick, and to the point news clips for the world to view.

I can’t lie I often zip through all the snapchat “channels” for quick updates on the latest things happening in the world.

One of my favorite snapchat channels is the National Geographic channel, while this may not be news they share interesting world history and facts. I don’t often view the CNN channel as it normally doesn’t catch my interest.

The world of mobile news is ever changing and advancing, there is so much to learn from it. I think that mobile news has taken over the world of reading the news via paper. It is not often we see this much anymore as the younger generation.

After writing this blog I feel I will take a larger interest in viewing mobile news rather than just random videos and strictly live streaming.

This blog opportunity has opened my eyes to something that can much more interesting than I currently give it credit.

Bridget Jensen
Bridget Jensen, 23, of Palmer, Alaska, has nearly completed work on her associates degree in computer technology. She is continuing her studies in Arts and Sciences at UAF, working towards an interdisciplinary bachelors degree. Jensen has a strong passion for photography and outdoor activities. One day she hopes to take her photography to the next level.


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