How do You get Your News?

How do You get Your News?
February 27, 2017 Aaron Walling

In the age of social media, people get their news in many ways. Through tablets, phones, laptops and computers, these platforms pose the challenge on how to connect them.

Successful websites like Vice Media, brings in younger audiences to read their articles or watch their videos. When you look up Vice Media, the Google tagline captures your mind.

“Original reporting and documentaries on everything that matters in the world.” on the Google search engine.

Also the website grabs your attention with a large photo on the home page. However, what is more successful for them is their YouTube channel. Which currently has over 7.6 million subscribers, as they put out videos with news to inform their audience. The Vice’s news articles and videos usually fall into the feature category. Their videos run into the nine minute mark, and the articles bring out interesting points like the San Francisco’s most famous Asian drag family. Even though not everyone is interested in the drag family, it shows that vice is aiming for the millennials who might like it. One video that grabbed my attention was Vice doing nitty gritty work for investigative journalism, tackling corruption.

ESPN Sports news choices without clutter.

What will grab my attention is always sports. I am sports junkie, and I usually don’t care what it looks like. For example, when I look at ESPN online, I know where I want to go. Much like Vice, the big picture we see on the front demands your attention. Designers at ESPN appreciate the value of presenting visitors with options, the website offers many places to go.

Over the past three years, I’ve noticed a lot of changes making ESPN’s site user friendly and visually exciting. The old landing page was bland, and didn’t look appealing. The new one, however, draws sports fans into it.

That brings to my point on why I like looking and watching ESPN on my phone. It is because they add so many elements to their videos and articles. Their tabs to the NFL keeps me informed about my Cleveland Browns. They also cover the NBA, which is always updated in their Twitter feed on the side of the website. They even have a page for esports, which is a recent phenomenon in sports world, competition among those who play video games professionally.

FOX Sports- Drop kick this mess from your screen.

person who loves reading about sports, watching sports, pretty much breathing sports, ESPN does it right. Want to know who butchers this easy formula? None other than Fox Sports’ website. They have too many drop down menus which causes confusion.

What makes a digital news or entertainment platform successful?

Depends on who you are targeting. If you want to inform people on something happening right now, Twitter is all about grabbing and sharing attention. If you want to be entertained or simply informed by the broadest imaginable choices of news video, then possibly look into YouTube.

Aaron Walling
Aaron Walling is a senior at the University of Alaska Fairbanks studying Journalism. He is also a freelance writer for the Sun Star, where he covers everything to do with Nanook sports at UAF. He also works as an undergraduate research assistant, assisting Communication's Public Speaking program. Aaron was born and raised in a military family.


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