HAN SINGERS: Adding value to videos

HAN SINGERS: Adding value to videos
March 8, 2017 Brian Patrick O'Donoghue

Posting just about any video from an event as lively and colorful as the Native Arts Festival is a good use of digital media. Imagine what’s lost simply reporting about the event in print? Even a great photo spread on the festival, such as the Sun Star delivered this week, while pretty cool, does not begin to convey what musicians on stage actually sound like.

Finding and embedding a video as Katie did this week is powerful.

It’s not enough, however. You need to add value to videos with supporting text. In this case, all we learn is the festival is happening where and when. The video is what viewers will be curious about. Who are these Han Singers? Where does this style of dancing or singing fit in terms of North American Native culture. A quick Internet search indicates the group comes from from Canada’s Yukon area First Nations people. It wouldn’t be hard to confirm that much. Even better, since this is a local festival, someone on campus will know a lot more.

Use that information to give viewers a sense of who and what this video represents, possibly with links to the Han website or Facebook pages  And get the name Han Singers in the post title. A little bit of reporting here adds volumes.


Brian Patrick O'Donoghue
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