Having fun with a cheesy protest message

Having fun with a cheesy protest message
March 27, 2017 Katie Stark

On my way back from covering a basketball tournament in the Patty Center, I saw this guy.

It was around 15 below at this point, and he was just standing out there waving a sign that expressed his love of pineapple pizza. I debated whether he was worth putting off warm comfort of my apartment for a few extra minutes.

Curiosity won out.

Civil engineering major Shane Holmes describes this as a fun protest. “I’m not going to get punched over it,” as he put it.

I’ll let him explain that thought process.

Welcome to college life.


Katie Stark
Katie Stark from Palmer, Alaska, is a junior studying journalism at University of Alaska Fairbanks. She's published photos and news stories in the The Sun Star, the university student-run newspaper. She is also part of the Nanook Women’s Swim Team. In her free time, Katie likes to be outside, read dystopian, utopian, and adventure novels, spend time with friends and family, and travel to anywhere as long as it is somewhere she hasn't been before.


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