Astonishing Images

Astonishing Images
May 1, 2017 Bridget Jensen

May 1, 2017
Mr. Brian O’Donoghue
Features Editor
Extreme Alaska
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Dear Mr. O’Donoghue

Subject: Astonishing images

Astonishing images is a user-friendly web article that informs its visitors of up and coming photographers. It also provides daily tips on how to better one’s skills as a photographer. The front page will include the photographer of the week, the best places to photograph certain subjects, and sample photos individuals have submitted. Viewers can also see articles written by local photographers on their favorite spot, camera, technic etc.

We offer weekly discount codes to local photography businesses for sessions, products, or lessons. We also offer new weekly tips to encourage interested photographer to return. Astonishing images is set apart from others because of our unique use of local businesses, local photographers and continued tips for up and coming photographers.

This publication will be staffed by 5-10 employees three days a week to keep cost down. Extra day help will be volunteer work. We plan to make long term fund by holding local clinics as well as hold our own lessons at a reasonable cost to those interested.

We are donating our customers to local photography businesses at a small percentage fee discussed with each business. We hope to get volunteer contributors to teach weekend session to start until they become more popular.

We will use our grant to help find a business location and start up equipment including laptops, printer, and basic photography gear. The reset of the photography gear will be donated by local photo businesses on an as needed basis.

Technology has changed the world for so many years and we have decided to take advantage of this the best we can. We encourage our views to post comments via web, share their images, and new found tips we may not have mentioned. The Times is a great example of how they transformed to the changing worldwide web. We hope to adapt every day as they had to many years ago.

How The New York Times Is Clawing Its Way Into the Future

“Working hour by hour, day by day, with software developers and designers and product managers—to me that was a real revolution, a kind of epiphany,” says Clifford Levy, who won two Pulitzers at the Times before being promoted to the assistant managing editor overseeing digital platforms. “This is standard operating procedure in Silicon Valley, but it was radical here.”



Bridget Jensen


Bridget Jensen
Bridget Jensen, 23, of Palmer, Alaska, has nearly completed work on her associates degree in computer technology. She is continuing her studies in Arts and Sciences at UAF, working towards an interdisciplinary bachelors degree. Jensen has a strong passion for photography and outdoor activities. One day she hopes to take her photography to the next level.


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