The aurora is somewhat of a challenge to capture correctly. It took me about 5 different tries with 500 or so images to finally get the hang of it. This image was taken in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The coast of Unimak island as seen here is an island full of bears and other wildlife. I had the opportunity to fly around the coast of the island in search of bears and walruses. It wan an amazing flight and it’s certainly not easy getting images out of a plane window.

The End of the World is a historic land mark in Kona Hawaii. The incoming tide causes water to space agains the lava rock to create this wall of white. It is said that this was part of the barrel grounds for lost men during a war.

Summer time brings on the commercial salmon fishing. Way out in Nelson Lagoon, Alaska I was graced with he opportunity to experience how my boyfriend and his family grew up making a living. It is a beautifully place especially when it is sunny out!

The Mat-Su glacier is one of a number of glaciers you can take a four wheeler too. I am blesses with the opportunity to drive out my back yard and take the journey to this amazing natural feature.

While Nelson Lagoon is beautiful during a sunny day of catching fish on occasion you fish the late tide. Well for me it payed off with this beautiful sunset and a net full of fish!


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