Nature Portfolio

The beautiful turtles were caught sun bathing on the black sand beach in Hawaii. These gentle creatures may be lazy on the sand but in the water they are majestic animals the glide through the water.

This photo was taken in Cold bay Alaska. This young fox was an extremely curious little one and wanted to know what I was. He certainly made it easy for me to capture multiple images showing his best side.

Also taken in Cold Bay, Alaska, this coastal brown bear stopped its afternoon snack to pose for my camera. While these brown teddy bears may sometimes appear gentle in photos they certainly are not in the wild.

While caribou once roamed Cold Bay in strong numbers they have since lessened in herd size. This male was caught on camera roaming the coastline for food when I stoped to take his portrait.

This young fox was certainly at a disadvantage when he came across me and my camera. He as you can see is blind in his left eye. My presence was unknown for the first few minutes until mama decided to express her concern.

How often are you brave enough to get in a bee’s territory? I certainly do not try very often but this one caught my eye as it was resting on a chocolate Lily off the side the road in Cold Bay, Alaska.


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