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  • SUPPORTING TEXT: Don’t play down, apologize or chase off viewers

    If something is worth publishing, don’t serve it up with an apology. The classic example is the weary columnist who…

  • HAN SINGERS: Adding value to videos

    Posting just about any video from an event as lively and colorful as the Native Arts Festival is a good…

  • Week 5: Media Blog Feedback

    We don’t get to discuss CMS nuts and bolts together, so I’ve created this page for newsroom discussions about common…

  • Image of Zach Sherman

    Zach Sherman

    Zack Sherman is a U.S. Army combat veteran and former municipal police officer who lives with PTSD and depression from…

  • image of Brian Patrick O'Donoghue

    Professor O’D

    Alaska journalist of mixed repute, author, accidental professor, 2015 reluctant witness in Fairbanks Four hearings, 2012-13 Fulbright Scholar, 1/25th Stryker…

  • Image of Rev. Scott Fisher peeking through crack in courthouse door.

    Rabinowitz glacier tour

    Join the professor backtracking developments in a ’97 murder yet shrouded in courthouse secrets. Howls of impatience from supporters of…

  • Hartman murder case logo

    Hartman murder review inches ahead

    “I believe that the sealed matter is far enough along that I can confidently set a trial date,” Judge Paul…

  • Popular Travel Destinations 2014

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  • Capturing the Special Moments

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  • Eb & Flow

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  • Recipe: Sweet and Sour Chicken

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  • Amazing Achievements 2014

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