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  • Chris Hansen to return with new investigation

    One of my most favorite television shows, and possibly one of my first inspirations to get into journalism, was “To…

  • Fears and how to overcome them

    Nothing in this hospital seems up-to-date. One step into the waiting room and I can already tell that it hasn’t…

  • Meet Snaps, the home-built dinosaur ambassador

    Snaps, the tyrannosaurid, is a life-sized puppet built mostly out of PVC piping and foam and designed to be worn…

  • Amtgard brings medieval battles to the gym

      Amtgard is a live-action roleplaying (LARP) organization that exists all over the United States. The group in Fairbanks goes…

  • Get jazzed up for Jazz Fest

    Bands from across the state are gathering at UAF’s Fine Arts Complex this Thursday to participate in the 27th annual…

  • Sass dog team

    A head lamp cuts through darkness, followed by church bells, and who’s about to win the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest?

    “The whole way coming in here I was just going through all the people and all the influences and all…

  • Tools of the trade

    The News-Miner reporter’s primary goal that day was getting a picture of a man who had shot someone during a…

  • image of Miku

    Tech future closer than it appears

    I grew up around the time the internet was beginning to become popular. I can’t remember a time when I…

  • NYT

    ‘Snow Fall’ heralds power of Internet media storm

    I remember reading The New York Times’ story Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek in a class. At the…

  • Eric Bennett

    Eric Bennett has lived in Alaska all his life and is a senior journalism student with a particular interest in…

  • PEW skewed by “clickbait” emphasis

    As I read through the Pew Research journalism articles, I find that it continues to mention sites such as Gawker,…