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  • Yurarnariuq: “It’s time to dance”

    Life has changed dramatically in Alaska’s Native villages in the last 100 years, but one gets the sense that this…

  • A Photographic Journey

    Photographs chronicling Dillon’s earliest days shooting for The Anchorage Times, through overseas assignments in Europe, Russia, and China, and back…

  • The Silly Season Never Ends

    Shafer’s advice runs from the obvious (talk to reporters) to the inebriating (craft beer brewing as a humanizing hobby choice).…

  • Caffeine… it helps you talk faster

    Being a D.C.-based press secretary is hazardous to your health. You work long hours, take meals either hurriedly at your desk…

  • Going “live” without the media’s help

    The latest rage on Capitol Hill is Periscope, an app that allows users to live-stream video over Twitter. The Washington…

  • Pundits assess Clinton email tempest

    News of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account during her time as Secretary of State dominated the news…

  • Insider Game: Allure goes with “in the know”

    This town runs on knowledge, but not the kind of knowledge that is actually useful – the kind of knowledge…

  • Jon Stewart mocks Brian Williams controversey

    No two broadcasters better illustrate the intersection of news and entertainment in today’s media landscape than the anchor who faked…

  • Anchor Brian Williams

    On NBC Anchor Brian Williams’ trouble ‘misremembering’

    Search for a defense of Williams now and you find… not exactly nothing, but commentaries that argue that news anchors…

  • image of Robert Dillon

    Our man in D.C. Robert Dillon

    Robert Dillon is communications director of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He’s worked as a photographer and…