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  • Student forums illuminate chancellor candidates

    Four candidates answered student questions and outlined their vision for UAF at a series of forum events held earlier this…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Instant Snaps among the Vines

    Apologies for the title. As an early Millenial, content with my Netflix account and YouTube videos, it can be said…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Clickbait, and the degradation of journalism

    Perpetual culture war, harassment, the tracking of our online activities, the hideous practices of the Deep Web, all attest to…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Composite image of burning Jackson $20-sad polarbear- budget illustration.

    Shifting deckchairs on the sinking Ship of State

    Let me start by being perfectly blunt: our school and our state are both in deep trouble. Despite this, much…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Spencer Tordoff

    Spencer Tordoff is the current web editor of the UAF Sun Star. He also works as the program director of…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Masked Identity graphic

    Anonymity amidst ‘call-out’ culture

    I won’t lie: I miss the old order. It’s good for for people to be called out on their wrong-headed,…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Feasibility study will determine fate of Wood Center

    Renovations to Wood Center at UAF, including new shops for technology and books, are on hold pending research into cost…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • Campus parking citations dominated by metered lots

    A close look at parking citations issued on UAF reveals that some lots are more at risk for ticketing than…

    by Spencer Tordoff
  • “Flip Camera” – Sentimental Histories in the Digital Age

    Our species feels a deep yearning to record ourselves, documenting personal stages and experience. The digital age has merely made…

    by Spencer Tordoff