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  • ‘Romania seems broken in two’ over government’s plan decriminalizing corruption

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    “Share for Romania together!” So urged Romanian photographer Dan Mihai Balanescu posting a photo on Facebook showing protesters massed in Bucharest, Romania. His translated caption read: “Victory Square over 300.000 stars in the sky and in Romania. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever photographed! Proud to be Romanian!” The protest arose in response to a government ordinance decriminalizing abuse of

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    Despite the Patriot’s come-from-behind victory over the Falcons, KSUA-FM sports talk hosts Aaron Walling and Terrence Holmes don’t buy the hype that Super Bowl LI was the best ever. Facebook Live takes you inside the broadcast booth.

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  • Mars meteor’s billion-year eruption tale

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    A new scientific report regarding Mars identified a volcanic eruption lasting 2 billion years. An unusual meteorite sparked this discovery. “The 6.9 oz meteorite, labeled Northwest Africa by an international team of scientists,” according to a Purdue University, contained  evidence of exposure to cosmic rays and magma-formation evidence that leads reachers to conclude that “Mars had a single volcano that erupted continuously

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  • Super Bowl 51 fires passion, even in Alaska.

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      Super Bowl 51 was won by the Patriots, after they pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. However, it was game that many fans of football in Alaska watched in their Super Bowl parties, either at friends’ homes, bars and many other places. So how did fans in Alaska feel about the game? “Wow. Not what I

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  • How one man avenges the past with his Photoshop skills

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    Disrespectful Instagram photos posted by tourists at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, have prompted Photoshop artist Shahak Shapira to find creative ways of reminding people of history.

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