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How students stay entertained outside the classroom.

  • Selfies, Kilroy, singular, collective history markers

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    “Selfies” are becoming a natural part of everyday activity. If you pay attention to others around, you will notice that someone nearby is often using a phone, or similar hand-held device taking pictures of themselves. No longer is another person needed to preserve our own moments. As the late David Carr, New York Times media critic observed,  “My assistance was

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  • Fairwell, old friend

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    Woden was an amazing dog who came into my life and brightened every day of it. He believed with all his heart that he was a person too and just couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get all the same privileges that rest of the people got.

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  • April McKee photo of Northern Lights

    Picture perfect nights

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    Motivations for relocating to Alaska moving are to as diverse as the people, born elsewhere, who’ve found their way here. Some are here because the military ordered them to assume duty here, or they’re accompanying spouses pursuuing military career, my own story. Some came North to study at one of University of Alaska’s  campuses. Others are here for job opportunities.

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  • ‘Whereas’ Senate kills off ‘freshman’

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    Student perspectives varied on the decision. “While I appreciate the sentiment as good, I don’t feel that freshman is a sexist term in modern usage,” Andrea Knowles, a first year student at UAF studying emergency medicine, said. “I would want to know how much work and money it would take to make these changes, and where else that money could be used.” “Any move towards inclusivity is a good thing,” Stephen Greenlaw, a UAF senior…

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  • ‘Guarded’ women: Defense as Art

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    “I think it’s really eye opening to the community,” one UAF student said of the show. “Just to see like, common objects and how people think of them as good weapons to use.”

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