• Bridget Jensen

    Bridget Jensen, 23, of Palmer, Alaska, has nearly completed work on her associates degree in computer technology. She is continuing…

  • Katie Stark

    In her free time, Katie likes to be outside, read dystopian, utopian, and adventure novels, spend time with friends and…

  • April McKee photo of Northern Lights

    Picture perfect nights

    Motivations for relocating to Alaska moving are to as diverse as the people, born elsewhere, who’ve found their way here.…

  • ‘Whereas’ Senate kills off ‘freshman’

    Student perspectives varied on the decision. “While I appreciate the sentiment as good, I don’t feel that freshman is a…

  • ‘Guarded’ women: Defense as Art

    “I think it’s really eye opening to the community,” one UAF student said of the show. “Just to see like,…

  • Eagle Summit: Mushing reflections with a side of overflow

    Eagle summit is notorious for high winds, blowing snow, and unnervingly whiteout conditions. This day, it was hard to imagine…

  • Smokejumpers: Badass Firefighting

    “Depending on the fire behavior we can be working up to 36 hours straight,” Donley explained. “Then switch over to…

    by Sarah Dubowski
  • Feeling passion’s pull: Taylor Vidic eyes detour

    “I feel like I’m teetering on the edge,” said Vidic, who has doubts about making it as a musician, yet…

  • Aerial Arts brings new meaning to ‘hanging out’

    “I love it,” says process technology student Kamilah Bolling, who had never tried anything like aerial arts but joined the…

  • Zooplankton thrive in warming Chukchi Sea

    “If someone comes to ask me if a water mass is from warm meltwater or Alaska coastal water, I can…

  • ‘Strategic Pathways’: UA initiative incites outcry

    Students expressed their disappointment in the potential for degrees being moved or cut. Professors defended their programs and the unique…

  • From Goodnews Bay to Watershed Charter: teacher finds adventure indoors

    Anthropology major Jerrod Decker yearning for an outdoors career. Classrooms opened other rewarding doors.