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  • Heed the rule: pick a social platform that suits story

    Meredith Artley’s five rules for modern journalists really spoke to me. I agree with all five, of the CNN Digital editor’s rules.  I’ll admit, I have glimpsed the importance of all five this semester writing…

  • Cave painting from France

    Reading image ‘sentiments’, how many emotions go with that ‘1000-word’ image

    Who’d a thought that twenty years ago we’d have access to the Internet in not just our own home but nearly everywhere in the world through mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Kindles, etc. What’s crazy…

  • Kilroy’s brothers in arms & our selfie urge

    Could we say that selfies are the new photograph? Or would that be stretching too far? After all, the selfie stick was invented to make taking an arm’s length snap just a little bit easier.…

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