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    Expedition Recovery records my journey from Dead Horse, Alaska toward Ushuaia, Argentina. I’m still on the road as this page takes shape, more importantly my journey of self-discovery continues as I take this first real opportunity for introspection and healing since my return from the Iraq war in December 2006, the suicide of my father in late 2007, and the loss of my anticipated career as a police officer after six years on the job due to my untreated PTSD.

Rider tested, humbled, in muddy first ride

  • All Mexico Roller Derby Championships March 12, 2017
    Mexican Nationals11/18/16Leon, Mex to Juarez, MexZero Miles riddenAs I begin this I am seated on a VivaAerobus flight from Guadalajara to Juarez Mexico.  To say that the spacing is a bit tight would be an understatement.  I feel like this is the only time having T-Rex arms might be of some help.Overall the day has […]
  • The unraveling of my formerly ‘Normal’ life March 9, 2017
    Leon MexicoZero kilometers ridden.Coming back to Leon from Portland left me feeling out of sorts. The weekend had been incredible, but the passionate kissing had broken past a barrier I had kept in place for many years.  While I was a police officer I felt a need to retain some amount of a moral high […]
  • Leaving Leon, at least for the weekend March 9, 2017
    Leon, Mexico to Portland, Oregon and backZero Miles riddenI spent the days after Moto Fiesta doing some coaching with the skaters of Leon Roller derby and spending as much time as I could with Montserrat. Cat and I were talking and while she was apprehensive of my attraction, she was also understanding of my emotions […]
  • Slowing it all down. The start of the actual trip. March 9, 2017
    10/27/16Guadalajara, Mex to Leon, Mex241.2 kilometers ridden.I slept in a bit and spent the morning trying to get some work done. The spotty internet at the hotel was only moderately better during the morning. I wasn't able to get much done but I at least got all my photos and videos onto my computer.I tried […]
  • With a heavy heart we say good by to our director of moral January 3, 2017
    It is with a heavy heart that I say good bye to my best friend, and my director of moral support. Woden was an amazing dog who came into my life and brightened every day of it. He believed with all his heart that he was a person too and just couldn’t figure out why […]
  • Another day, another city December 30, 2016
    10/26/16Aguascalientes, Mex to Guadalajara, Mex250.8 kilometers ridden.I was able to sleep in for a bit before getting up to shower. The morning routine of packing is getting smoother but no less time consuming. Chofelia was still asleep when I got up and I felt bad for having to wake her to ask about the hot […]
  • Well this place looks familiar December 30, 2016
    10/25/16San Luis Potasí, Mex to Aguascalientes, Mex196.2 kilometers ridden.Sleep was fairly fleeting as the cats wreaked havoc on my bag of beef jerky while I tried not to take note. The larger disturbance was the light from down the hallway. I had turned off all of them near me and the only one left was […]
  • Making the derby sausage, in Spanish! December 26, 2016
    10/24/16Las Los Lunas hotel to San Luis Potasí, SL Mex338.7 kilometers ridden.I had full blown dreams last night. Not the short spurting ones about things from my past I have been experiencing, but full on long dreams with recent relevant content. Lisa Deadwards was in it and have only known her for a few months […]
  • Finding Iraq in Mexico December 26, 2016
    10/23/16Nuevo Laredo, Mex to Las Los Lunas hotel and bar near La Leona, Mex460.5 kilometers ridden.Was a slow start to the day for me but not terrible. The same couple that had been going at it so loudly last night decided to start their morning the same way.Breakfast was much better than most continental affairs […]
  • South of the border December 26, 2016
    10/22/16Laredo, TX to Nuevo Laredo, NL Mexico9.6 miles ridden.My anxiety kicked into high gear last night as I started to think about crossing the boarder.  It meant that I slept terribly and woke up a bit behind the power curve.I started out with four packets of oatmeal and a cup of tea from the continental […]

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