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Why Zack hit the road

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    Expedition Recovery records my journey from Dead Horse, Alaska toward Ushuaia, Argentina. I’m still on the road as this page takes shape, more importantly my journey of self-discovery continues as I take this first real opportunity for introspection and healing since my return from the Iraq war in December 2006, the suicide of my father in late 2007, and the loss of my anticipated career as a police officer after six years on the job due to my untreated PTSD.

Rider tested, humbled, in muddy first ride

  • Moving inland June 17, 2017
    12/15/16 Placencia, Belize to San Ignacio, Belize198.3 kilometers ridden. Last night was incredibly hot so we opened up the doors to the bunk house. It brought us a nice breeze but with it came the mosquitoes. The whole night was spent tossing and turning. Either being too hot from having the sheet over my whole […]
  • The Cape Cod of Belize May 31, 2017
    12/14/16 Punta Gorda, Bel. to Placencia, Bel. 198.8 kilometers ridden. We started the day by eating breakfast from what we had in our bags so we could get moving faster. We loaded the bikes quickly but it still seemed to take a long time to get moving. The day was sticky-hot and it wasn't even […]
  • From touristville to slumsville in a short days ride May 31, 2017
    12/13/16Hopkins, Belize to Punta Gordo, Belize154.6 Kilometers ridden.The plan was simple. We would get up early and make a ride for Punta Gordo where we could spend the day looking at the southern portions of Belize and take some photos of the sea.  Aaron and I had decided to ride together as Ed had already […]
  • Hanging out at the Dodo May 13, 2017
    12/12/16Hopkins, Belize – The Funky Dodo backpackers’ hostel.Zero kilometers ridden.While Aaron and I had both planned to move on today, a rest in this little hippie oasis that was The Funky Dodo seemed to be the answer we both needed.  Ed must have thought so too as he moved from his hostel up the road […]
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Ninty April 27, 2017
    12/11/16Chetumal, Mexico to Hopkins, Belize274.9 Kilometers ridden.I slept in too late again this morning and then fucked about getting stuff done in the morning.  I managed to take my meds without eating anything and it seemed to turn my stomach now that I have begun taking the mild anti-biotics I was prescribed as anti-malarial tablets.  […]
  • That's it, I'm blowing this popsicle stand April 26, 2017
    A couple days in Cancun...ya I'd sleep too12/8/16Cancun, Mex.10.3 kilometers ridden.There isn't anything quite like five hours of sleep after a night of adrenaline fueled night riding. Not from some fun track but cause someone decided to hit your parked motorcycle...I got woken up because I was a bit late for getting ready to make […]
  • The big hit April 18, 2017
    Well shit...12/7/16 Ciudad Del Carmen, Mex to Cancun, Mex 701 kilometers ridden. I slept in too late for the hotels breakfast so I showered and chose to eat the other burger for breakfast as I packed. I talked a little with both Cat and Montserrat while I made my final preparations to leave. My usual […]
  • So tools under the seat might not be the best place April 18, 2017
    Ya, kind of a pain to get to...12/6/16 Veracruz, Mex to Ciudad Del Carmen, Mex668.6 kilometers ridden. Sleep was good but fitful as one of the women in the sleeping room kept on her phone for most of the night, seeming not to sleep or to care about the rest of us in the room. […]
  • Pushing on April 16, 2017
    12/5/16 Mexico City, Mexico to Veracruz, Mexico 454.9 kilometersI woke up a little after nine in the morning to get ready and packed up. While getting geared up Eleanor brought Keira in to see me and I spent about ten minutes loving on the dog before I could bring myself to finish putting my boots […]
  • Well this place looks familiar April 16, 2017
    10/25/16San Luis Potasí, Mex to Aguascalientes, Mex196.2 kilometers ridden.Sleep was fairly fleeting as the cats wreaked havoc on my bag of beef jerky while I tried not to take note. The larger disturbance was the light from down the hallway. I had turned off all of them near me and the only one left was […]

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