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  • To Fix Sports Journalism in Alaska

      To Fix Sports Journalism in Alaska     Sports media has been kind of an afterthought in the state…

  • Jensen: Fairbanks Four, Re-conducted Re-lived

    The “Fairbanks Four,” the case that started in 1999 and ended 16 years later in 2015 with the release of…

  • Super Bowl 51 fires passion, even in Alaska.

      Super Bowl 51 was won by the Patriots, after they pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.…

  • Smokejumpers: Badass Firefighting

    “Depending on the fire behavior we can be working up to 36 hours straight,” Donley explained. “Then switch over to…

    by Sarah Dubowski
  • Iditarod 2015: Nenana Checkpoint

    Just five hours after the start of the race, dog teams made their way…

  • A Photographic Journey

    Photographs chronicling Dillon’s earliest days shooting for The Anchorage Times, through overseas assignments in Europe, Russia, and China, and back…

  • Sass dog team

    A head lamp cuts through darkness, followed by church bells, and who’s about to win the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest?

    “The whole way coming in here I was just going through all the people and all the influences and all…

  • flags and greenery

    Scholarship helps students leave campus

    UAF is naturally and now, internationally, inspiring. It’s true, UAF wants you to leave the country for a while and will…

  • Games and Grades

    Every other week during seasonal play, college athletes miss days of schoolwork and lectures due to away games and life…

  • image of Ebola spread in Africa

    Alaska students not sweating Ebola… while hospital staff brace

    Up north at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Students don’t have much knowledge about the deadly disease Ebola. but local…

  • Dominique fights off Gardella for the seat at the borough, celebrates into the night

    Wendy Dominique defeats Denis Gardella for Seat G at FNSB.

  • image of Jerry Cleworth

    Jerry runs away with it

    Jerry Cleworth defeats Shannon Vargas for a seat on the city council. Cleworth has been on the council multiple times.