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  • Jensen: Fairbanks Four, Re-conducted Re-lived

    The “Fairbanks Four,” the case that started in 1999 and ended 16 years later in 2015 with the release of…

  • KEVIN BRADLEY: “You gave virtually a live play by play.”

    Kevin Bradley was 16 when John Hartman was killed, and was an alibi witness at the Fairbanks Four evidentiary hearing…

  • CINDY SCHUMAKER: “I wanted to bear witness…”

    Cindy Shumaker was a brand new mother when John Hartman was killed in 1997. She remembers being glad that they…

  • ELISABETH STOKES: “I clung to every tweet…”

    “I clung to every tweet and was grateful that you (@JuliaFBXLawRpt) were answering questions, so that even far away I…

  • Twitter and Selfies Changed How I See Myself

    I will turn 40 this year, and I have to admit, it has been years since I liked taking, or…

  • Image of Rev. Scott Fisher peeking through crack in courthouse door.

    Rabinowitz glacier tour

    Join the professor backtracking developments in a ’97 murder yet shrouded in courthouse secrets. Howls of impatience from supporters of…

  • Hartman murder case logo

    Hartman murder review inches ahead

    “I believe that the sealed matter is far enough along that I can confidently set a trial date,” Judge Paul…

  • Doors close on Hartman Murder arguments

    Seventeen years after John Hartman’s fatal beating on a downtown street, arguments about a decade-old secret confession continue behind closed…